Sittercity Offers Virtual Sittings For Working Parents In Response To COVID-19

 Sittercity Offers Virtual Sittings For Working Parents In Response To COVID-19

Amidst widespread stay at home orders, working parents everywhere are in dire need of some uninterrupted time to take conference calls, pay bills, do the dishes or connect with their spouse. In response to the demand, one female-led company began offering virtual sitting. This tool allows parents to hire a professional to engage with children virtually for short periods throughout the day.

Chicago-based Sittercity, a tech-enabled childcare company, started offering virtual sitting when the COVID-19 crisis started to change daily lives. According to Sittercity, virtual sittings can be used to assist kids with schoolwork, facilitate interactive games, or simply keep them occupied. Ideally, parents would have a small break to take conference calls, pay bills, do the dishes, or connect with their spouse without interruption.

Sittercity connects seven million parents, babysitters and nannies annually. Founded in 2001, the technology company has a mission to make child care finally work via simplifying the way working parents find, book, and pay for trusted care.

Mother of two and Sittercity CEO Elizabeth Harz oversees a company full of working parents and former sitters and believes the transition to virtual sitting just made sense. When quarantine started in several states, Sittercity immediately began providing resources and opportunities to match sitters with families virtually. Virtual sittings are ideal for kids who can engage and maintain a conversation on video platforms (Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts or FaceTime) without distraction, typically around five years and older.

“Technology has enabled so many wonderful things, but perhaps one of the greatest is the ability to connect from a distance—particularly through video,” continued Harz. “Virtual sitting is a wonderful option that not only employs sitters but allows parents to accomplish necessary tasks during these uncertain times.”

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