Kanarys Statement on Racial Justice

 Kanarys Statement on Racial Justice

As a Black-founded company aimed at fostering inclusion, we at Kanarys are tired of seeing our humanity disregarded and the denial of systemic racism that has existed in the country for centuries.

The stories of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others are not new, or unique. They are our coworkers, our sons and daughters, our fathers and mothers, someone who was loved and valued and whose lives were ended too soon.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, it’s because it is not normal to exist in this state of anxiety and fear, worried that you or someone you know could become the next person whose name echoes throughout the streets during protests.  We all deserve a better world in which to raise our children, one without fear.

Kanarys was created as a solution for workplace inequities personally experienced by our founders. However, Black people should not be expected to solely solve the systemic racism that infiltrates every aspect of our society and results in an indifference to the disproportionate death rates of the COVID-19 pandemic on Black people.

And let’s be clear.  Black people are also at the center of a second pandemic–a racism pandemic.  Black people are losing their jobs at disproportionate rates due to the economic downturn.  The imprisonment  rate of Black males is 5.8 times that of white males.  Black women are paid $0.62 on the dollar compared to white men.  Black high school students are twice as likely to be suspended as white students.  This list goes on and on as systemic racism has been woven into the fabric of American society. The psychological toll of racism on Blacks in the United States is heavy, and the related stress and health consequences are dire.   

Allyship to overcome racial injustice

The Black community needs allyship.

Now is the time to build. Build our voices as we march the streets. Build our capital as we support Black-owned businesses. Build our communities as we support one another during illness and need. Build the voter rolls by exercising our right to vote in local, state, and national elections. And build each other, through grief, anger, and much-needed healing while holding accountable those in power and ensuring equity and equality are achieved.

To business leaders: We challenge you to examine your own corporate culture, policies, and procedures and approach diversity, equity, and inclusion from an institutional and systemic lens.  Join Kanarys on our mission to improve equity and inclusion in the workplace.

To allies:  We, the founders of Kanarys, invite you, as part of our community, to build alongside us. Use your influence and voice, but also your actions and dollars, to stand with the Black community as we fight against racial injustice and for true equality. 

Today, yesterday and into the future:  Black Lives Matter.


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