Here’s When Major Companies Say Workers Can Return To The Office

 Here’s When Major Companies Say Workers Can Return To The Office

By Rachel Sandler

Even as businesses across the county slowly reopen and stay-at-home orders end, there’s one group of employees that may largely stay home past the summer months: white collar office workers.

Many of the largest companies in the U.S., led by tech companies based in the San Francisco Bay Area, have told their employees to continue working from home at least until the fall, with others telling employees to stay home for the rest of the year. Beyond the pandemic, some companies, including Twitter and Facebook, are allowing remote work permanently. 

Here is when major companies say their employees will return to the office:

Work from home permanently

Twitter: Twitter will let all employees choose whether they want to continue working from home forever after the pandemic—and won’t open up offices until September.

Square: CEO Jack Dorsey, who is also the chief executive of Twitter, said employees will have the option to telework permanently.

Facebook: Facebook will let employees work from home until the end of 2020 and then, slowly, allow workers to apply for permanent remote work. CEO Mark Zuckerberg anticipates half of Facebook’s 48,000-person workforce will be remote by 2030.

Shopify: Shopify won’t open its offices until 2021 and after that, most of its employees will work remotely permanently. “Office centricity is over,” CEO Tobi Lutke said.

Coinbase: Coinbase will employees choose whether they want to work in an office or remotely forever after the pandemic. 

Upwork: Upwork CEO Hayden Brown said that all employees will work remotely by default, adding that teams will be able to come together—once offices can reopen—”for intentional collaboration and socialization.”

Lambda School: The online coding school will now let employees choose to work from home permanently and won’t open up offices until after August. 

Remote until fall 2020

Amazon: Amazon employees can work from home until at least October 2. 

Microsoft: Microsoft told workers they can continue teleworking through October, unless they have to come into the office for their job.

Slack: Slack will keep its offices closed until September. 

Capital One: Offices in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. will stay closed to all nonessential staff at least through Labor Day on Sept. 7, CEO Richard Fairbank said.

Remote until the end of 2020

Google: If local guidelines allow it, the company will start opening offices globally in June for some employees, but the bulk of the tech giant’s workforce will likely work from home until the end of the year.

Box: San Francisco-based Box will let employees work from home until January 31, 2021 and promised more flexible work patterns and hours when offices do reopen.

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