McKinsey’s Diversity Lead: Too Many Companies Focus on Hiring Women,

By Anna Kramer The Women in the Workplace report called diverse and historically underrepresented women in corporate leadership “onlys.” In some rooms, I imagine you are also one of those women. Does it feel as unfriendly as it looks sometimes? That doesn’t seem to be changing a whole lot, at least according to the data […]Read More

3 Empathy Traps To Watch For At Work

Lindsay Kohler Empathetic communication is at the top of the agenda for any leadership communication coaching session, and with good reason. The Edelman Trust Barometer reports that 83% of employees are afraid of losing their job to a shifting world of work, and leaders are trying harder than ever to understand employee fears and stressors brought on […]Read More

Creating Space for Religious Diversity at Work

Ali Aslan Gümüsay, Michael Smets, and Tim Morris We tend to think of business as a secular activity, and workplaces as inappropriate settings for conversations about religious faith or observance. However, given the growing popularity of bringing one’s whole self to work, the trend towards practices such as yoga and mindfulness, and the fact that more […]Read More

5 Surprising Facts Employers Need To Know About Depression, Disability,

By Denise Brodey Have you thought about asking people with lived experience what would make a substantial difference in their lives when they’re battling stress, anxiety, depression or pain? Would you guess that lack of personal time or lack of access to a therapist is most detrimental to your employees mental health? In the coming year, […]Read More

Top Business Leaders Launch OneTen

By OneTen A coalition of leading CEOs and organizations are coming together today to announce the formation of OneTen, an organization that will combine the power of these committed American companies to upskill, hire and promote one million Black Americans over the next 10 years into family-sustaining jobs with opportunities for advancement. In this moment when […]Read More

4 Ways to Cultivate Inclusion and Compassion In the Workplace

By Nika White In the times we’re living in, more and more people are experiencing stress, unhappiness, and anxiety in the workplace. The combination of a health crisis, political elections, and pervasive racial inequities have put many people on edge at work. It turns out 53% of adults are experiencing higher levels of stress and worry because of current […]Read More

5 Tips To Develop Your Workplace Race Equity In The

By Carmen Morris As forceful as the voices have been around diversity and inclusion and the absence of race inequality from the diversity and inclusion agenda, the death of George Floyd made the world stand up and take note, in a way that had previously been unknown. But how can the potential created by the […]Read More

Stop Hiring For The Culture Of Today And Start Hiring

By Dr. Patti Fletcher Companies continue to struggle with the tectonic shifts caused by the pandemic, and yet one disturbing constant remains: Women, who comprise nearly half of the U.S. workforce, dramatically lag their male counterparts when it comes to representation in leadership positions. Since the 1970s, corporate America has implemented programs and initiatives to help move the needle […]Read More

Harvard Initiative Shines A Light On The Vital Role Of

By Naz Beheshti Disruptions in the workplace caused by the pandemic have had more far-reaching consequences than most people realize, say researchers at a collaborative network within the Harvard School of Public Health. Far more than just a source of employment, work plays a vital role in our mental health and sense of social connectedness. […]Read More