Citi Pledges $1 Billion To Narrow The Racial Wealth Gap,

By Ruth Umoh On Wednesday, Citigroup, the nation’s fourth-largest bank by asset size, pledged more than $1 billion over the next three years to address the widening racial wealth gap and increase the economic mobility of Black Americans. “The pandemic is a health crisis with severe economic implications and it’s led to an unveiling of […]Read More

Over a Dozen Companies Pledge to Add At Least 1

By Shanique Yates Over a dozen companies have just pledged to add at least one Black director to their boards within the next year, AP News reports. The move comes as an effort to ensure their leadership reflects the customers they serve. “America has been reminded again in tragic fashion that we must redouble our efforts to […]Read More

If You Want to Be More Diverse and Inclusive, You

By Katherine Johnson It’s more clear than ever that putting diversity and inclusion at the heart of an organization strengthens it at every level. Diversity has been conclusively shown to promote innovation, drive higher revenue, and improve employee engagement as companies strive to hire, include, and give equal value to employees from all backgrounds and circumstances. Inclusion within a […]Read More

What the CROWN Act Means for Black Women at Work

By Alex Gray The job hunt can be difficult for anyone. But for Black women, even being perceived as professional can be its own feat. When Brianne Cash prepared for an interview with an insurance company early in her career, she was mostly concerned about how the interviewer would view her—specifically her natural hair.  “I […]Read More

Do You Work For The Most LGBTQ Friendly Employer? New

By Jamie Wareham The top 17 LGBTQ friendly employers have been announced in the global workplace equality index, by European LGBTQ charity Stonewall. In its ninth year, the Global Workplace Equality Index is a leading global benchmark of what it’s like for LGBTQ staff working in multinational organisations. This year 17 global brands have been […]Read More

How To Plan For Psychological Recovery In The Mid-Pandemic And

By Purdy Gourguechon No one, from the C-Suite on down, should imagine that they have been spared psychological disruption and pain during this weird time. Understanding the psychological impact of the pandemic and implementing a few commonsense strategies will help alleviating the disruption that the virus has caused in everyone’s work life. Psychologically aware leaders can […]Read More

Tips For Disclosing A Disability To An Employer

By Paula Morgan The issue of disclosing a disability to a potential employer is very complex and nuanced. You want to be honest and open, but there’s the constant worry about potential bias. As with all types of discrimination, there is an unfortunate gap between what the law requires and what people actually think and […]Read More

Nearly 30 Years Later, It’s Time To Revisit The FMLA

Christine Michel Carter Data suggests that the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is simply not covering the majority of U.S. workers. The FMLA entitles eligible employees of covered employers to take unpaid, job-protected leave for specified family and medical reasons. Right now, the FMLA does not cover employees in the private sector whose companies have less than […]Read More

For Allies: How To Build Emotional Resilience For Challenging Conversations

By Melanie Rivera In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, the public outcry for justice, and the growing groundswell of support for facing and addressing racism, I’ve seen a lot of organizational leaders (and especially White leaders) fumble the ball when it comes to holding space for sustained and challenging conversations about race and inequity […]Read More

Race, Pay And Opportunity: How Inequality Breeds Contempt

By Carmen Morris Equity around race, pay and opportunity is the theme that is fuelled much debate around boardroom tables of late. Racism and systemic inequality around pay, has long been a causal concern of many Black professionals. In these current times of heightened debates around institutional racism, the race pay gap can no longer […]Read More