Building A Diverse Company Culture Means Empowering Employees

By Fredrik Nilsson Diversity and inclusion aren’t just things that happen. They take effort and action. This is as true for the business world as it is for society as a whole, and the fight for representation and inclusivity is just as ongoing. But there are reasons for optimism: The growing number of businesses championing […]Read More

Your Diversity, Equity And Inclusion Budget Should Include Parents

By Karsten Vagner According to the latest research, two out of every five companies globally have increased their budgets for diversity, equity and inclusion programs over the past six months, even as they make budget cuts elsewhere. It’s promising to know that this momentum will likely only continue as one in three executives also said DEI […]Read More

Ethnicity Pay Gap Day 8th January 2021 – What Did

By Nancy Doyle Last month I spoke about the need for transparency and called for more companies to start reporting on their ethnicity pay gap. Friday 8th January was Ethnicity Pay Gap Day (EPGD), a campaign that aims to encourage businesses to review their rates of pay through a lens of race and ethnicity and commit […]Read More

American Women Lost More Than 5 Million Jobs In 2020

By Maggie McGrath Following the final jobs report of 2020, which the Bureau of Labor Statistics released on Friday, a National Women’s Law Center analysis of the numbers provided a horrifyingly fitting coda to a horrifying year: Not only did the U.S. workforce lose 140,000 jobs in December, but women lost a net 156,000 jobs, while […]Read More

How To Fight Back Against Job Search And Interviewing Fatigue

By Jack Kelly The unrelenting, brutal Covid-19 job market has pushed millions of people out of work—many of whom have been unemployed for months. Some found themselves in between jobs for over six months. There are lots of long-term unemployed people who’ve been searching for over a year.  They lost their job over the holidays […]Read More

Diversity And Inclusion Begins With Job Listings

By Arthur Pereless As the CEO of a company serving the HR industry for 20 years, I have witnessed several shifts of technological innovations that change how recruiters hire. The latest change is the focus on diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategies in the workplace with the recruitment industry at the forefront. Diversity and inclusion represented […]Read More

Embracing Diversity And Inclusion As A Sustainable, Competitive Advantage

By Linda Fisk As companies of all sizes grapple with the urgent and complex issues brought on by the pandemic, such as employee and customer safety, revenue slowdowns, business delays and employee downsizing, the commitment to workforce equity might tumble to a distant consideration. But, in the new virtual environment, now is the time for […]Read More

12 Effective Ways To Authentically Communicate Corporate Values

By Forbes Communication Panel Studies have shown that consumers prefer to buy from businesses that share their values. Additionally, professionals prefer to work for companies that have core values that they can feel proud of. But how can a corporation effectively communicate its values to consumers and potential hires?  Here, 12 experts from Forbes Communications Council delve […]Read More

Gender Equity Is Not Zero Sum

By Katica Roy, David G. Smith, and W. Brad Johnson To make progress toward gender equity, men need to be involved. But zero-sum bias often deters men from engaging in the conversation (let alone taking action) because it fuels the belief that men must sacrifice their resources or stature for women to earn a place […]Read More

Why Honing Your Company’s Culture Should Be a Top Priority

Christine Fruechte Now more than ever, leaders are analyzing, debating, and trying to predict what the new year will bring. We have never before experienced such uncertainty and unpredictability affecting all areas of business.  Despite the great unknowns, there’s one critical action that should guide every leader’s vision in the new year: prioritize your corporate […]Read More