Avoid These 8 Common Mistakes When Creating a D&I Policy

By Stephanie Vozza Many organizations are looking inside their own walls following protests against police brutality and racism across the country. Creating an effective policy, however, isn’t simple, says Michael Bach, author of Birds of All Feathers: Doing Diversity and Inclusion Right. “D&I, when it’s done effectively, isn’t a program, but a shift in how organizations […]Read More

How Communities Of Color Perpetuate Anti-Blackness

By Janice Gassam As race relations continue to dominate the public conversation, there is a broadening of understanding and perspectives taking place. Merriam-Webster recently announced that the definition of racism would be changing to reflect systemic oppression. Based on this new definition, racism is not only ill feelings toward someone based on their race but can also be conceptualized […]Read More

How the WFH Revolution Can Actually Improve Inclusion and Emotional

By Barbara Shannon As COVID-19 spurs a mass shift to remote work, people are worried that the “new normal” could jeopardize diversity and inclusion in companies. Underrepresented individuals already struggle with a sense of belonging and visibility in the office—surely spreading teams miles apart will lead to further marginalization? Actually, remote work is associated with better diversity […]Read More

Do Your Employees Know Why You Believe in Racial Equity?

by Ruchika Tulshyan Structural racism has conditioned us to accept that including people of color in majority-white workplaces, especially Black people, equates to lowering the bar. Not only is this framing incorrect, it is dangerously divisive. Still, it remains pervasive. Too often in my work helping organizations strategize on diversity, inclusion and equity goals I hear […]Read More

3 Things You Should Not Say To Your Black Colleagues

By Adunola Adeshola I have been the only black person in many offices and on many teams. The reality of that became even more clear the day I walked into the office after nine African-Americans partaking in bible study at a historical black church were shot and killed by a white man. I walked into the office […]Read More

In Times of Crisis, a Little Thanks Goes a Long

By Sabina Nawaz The chatter in our cafeterias and conference rooms is replaced by the disquiet we’re experiencing inside our socially-distanced bubbles. From general malaise to specific maladies, many employees are afflicted by stress and anxiety that make brushing teeth and cooking a meal feel like the day’s crowning achievements. My clients, executives in a variety of […]Read More

Five Ways To Build Age Equity Into The Workplace

By Sheila Callaham “There are all kinds of blind spots when it comes to age,” says Donna Fedus, gerontologist, college professor, and cofounder of Borrow My Glasses, an education company that develops learning and evaluation strategies, creates content and designs and delivers educational programs. Fedus, who has worked in the field of aging for 30 years, […]Read More

How to Support Your Muslim Colleagues in Ramadan

By Sameena Karmally How do you support your muslim colleagues in Ramadan? As the United States grows increasingly more diverse, employers must create inclusive workplaces that accommodate the religious practices of all their employees in order to attract and retain talent. Doing so may prove more difficult given the current status of the pandemic and the new normal of many employees […]Read More