I Am a Trans CEO. This is Why the Supreme

By Wynne Nowland As a businessperson, I generally do not mix business and politics. My dad always told me that politics, religion, and business do not make good bedfellows, but the recent events around the country are compelling me to do so. We have an administration that, despite promises to the contrary, has continued to […]Read More

Looking For A Black-Owned Business To Support? There’s An App

By Jennifer Streaks Mandy Bowman knew that buying Black was important before it was the trend that it is today. Bowman is the founder and CEO of Official Black Wall Street, a platform that connects consumers with thousands of Black-owned businesses in 10 countries worldwide. The directory, which launched in 2015, has particularly useful recently, at […]Read More

Netflix Moves $100 Million in Deposits to Bolster Black Banks

By Michael J. de la Merced Netflix said on Tuesday that it would move up to $100 million, or 2 percent of its cash holdings, to financial institutions that focus on Black communities. It is intended to address a longstanding problem that these communities face: a lack of capital for the banks and other lenders that service […]Read More

Do Your Employees Know Why You Believe in Racial Equity?

by Ruchika Tulshyan Structural racism has conditioned us to accept that including people of color in majority-white workplaces, especially Black people, equates to lowering the bar. Not only is this framing incorrect, it is dangerously divisive. Still, it remains pervasive. Too often in my work helping organizations strategize on diversity, inclusion and equity goals I hear […]Read More

LGBTQ+ Inclusiveness & Health with Shannon Whittington

Shannon Whittington, RN, MSN, CCM, LGBTQ+ Health certified, is a published author and certified speaker with the John Maxwell team. Her areas of expertise include LGBTQ+, Diversity & Inclusion, and Servant Based Leadership. Shannon has a passion for transgender health and she educates clinicians in gender affirming surgeries. Shannon was greatly honored to receive the […]Read More

How To Cultivate A Workplace Environment That Combats Racism And

By Soulaima Gourani In the United States and abroad, recent protests ignited by the deaths of Rayshard Brooks, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and many others have highlighted struggles with the inequality that has ignited conversations around Diversity and Inclusion in media, government and business. People are wondering, “what can we do to make the world a better place?” To provide […]Read More

3 Things You Can Do Now to be a More

By Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic Most people think of leadership as a formal role that entails being in charge and having power over others, having a high professional status, and a successful career. This makes leadership rather exclusive, and by definition, there must be a small number of leaders relative to the much larger number of followers, […]Read More

What Black Employee Resource Groups Need Right Now

By Aiko Bethea Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), also referred to as business network groups or affinity groups, have served and supported the culture of corporate America since the 1970s. Typically organized around a shared identity, such as race, gender, age, or mental health, they serve as a haven of belonging, offering a space for underrepresented employees to find […]Read More

Academia Isn’t a Safe Haven for Conversations About Race and

By Tsedale M. Melaku and Angie Beeman We’re having hard conversations about racial justice in corporate America and academia right now. We have seen a flurry of company statements about diversity amid nationwide protests supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. Will these conversations yield anything? Our research, personal stories, and the experiences of many others don’t offer much cause for […]Read More

How to Be An Ally and What Allyship in Action

As the popular saying goes, “The marathon continues.” As protests persist in the streets of cities around the United States, the conversation about racism in the workplace and the need for allyship has grown louder. We recently shared some of the experiences of being “other” in the office, stories that were equal parts infuriating and […]Read More