Advisor Spotlight: Meet Sameena Karmally

 Advisor Spotlight: Meet Sameena Karmally

Excelling at your job isn’t satisfying if you are not able to bring your authentic self to work every day.  For me, it was the little things, like having to have perfectly straight hair to look “professional”, always wearing suits so as not be mistaken for administrative staff, faking my way through lunch conversations about ski resorts, and skipping company sponsored weekly happy hours (or worse, going to happy hour but not drinking).   

These small but repeated exclusions and restrictions reinforced the message that I didn’t really belong. I’m proud to support the Kanarys platform to help bridge the gaps in the workplace so that everyone can contribute to their fullest potential. When everyone has a real sense of being part of the team, that you belong in this role, at this company, with these people, businesses will have better outcomes.

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