5 Reasons Why The Mantra “We’re All In This Together” Should Transform Leadership Forever

 5 Reasons Why The Mantra “We’re All In This Together” Should Transform Leadership Forever

By Todd Nordstrom

While many of us sit in quarantine and make jokes about spending another day in our pajamas, the reality of a global pandemic continues to wreak havoc on families, communities, and businesses everywhere. Yes, people are dying. Yes, people are losing their jobs. And, yes, our sanity, and our spirit, is being tested as a virus attempts to eliminate our species.

That’s the reality. But, here’s another reality—soon we’ll beat this thing. And, when we do, maybe we can bravely look into the future and hope that the next time we say, “We’re all in this together,” it can mean something better, bigger, and less frightening.

Never before, at least during my time on earth, has everyone on the planet faced the exact same obstacles, fears, concerns, and questions at the same time. Never before have we truly had a globally shared conversation. We just haven’t.

Still, this will end soon. And, when it does, the world will keep turning. We’ll find a new sense of normalcy. The question is—can we still be “all in this together?”

“I’ve been laid off for the first time in my career,” a woman messaged to me on LinkedIn. “I was a Vice President. I don’t know what to do now.”Today In: Careers

“I was about to retire,” another contact told me on the phone. “But, my retirement fund was slaughtered. I have no clue what I’ll do next.”

People are experiencing pain. But, here’s the good news. Some people are witnessing positive results.

“I’ve spent more time playing with my kids in the last three weeks than I have in the last three years,” a former coworker told me. “I don’t want to go back to my corporate job.”

“During quarantine, I realized I can accomplish so much more working from home,” a reader told me after reading a recent post. “I’ll stick with my company forever if I can keep doing this.”

All of us will experience this situation differently. But, the coronavirus is forcing every person, every organization, and every single government (and economy) to understand something profound—we all actually depend on each other.

When lives are no longer at stake, when companies are once again in hiring frenzy mode, and when our collective spirit realizes that all the little things we used to argue about, no longer matter, I wonder if we can look at this shift and understand, something we all should have realized all along—that every one of us has, and always will be, “in this together”?

Here are 5 Reasons, “We’re all in this together,” deserves a future in all your leadership conversations.  

1.    We’ve all finally realized our individual impact. Maybe we needed a global pandemic to make this shift in our thinking. Maybe we, as a species, needed to understand that we can, and are, silently impacting the people around us—even when we can’t see it. Maybe this mysterious virus will not only make us realize that we can silently harm others (physically, mentally, and economically), but it can also reveal we can help others by thinking about our own actions and behaviors. Whether we’re talking about our family, neighborhood, community, workplace, marketplace, or team, we are, and always have been “in this together.” We always impact those around us.

2.    There’s no backward, only forward. Time is finicky. It keeps moving forward. This isn’t a new concept. But, amidst a highly contagious virus, we now understand that we cannot go back to yesterday’s version of normal. But, the truth is; we never had that luxury. The things we do and don’t do, or say or don’t say, change the present. We can’t take back our actions and words. So we must continually focus on moving forward—and, in the process, understand that everything creates a new tomorrow.

3.    Civility is stronger than we imagined. Okay, so a bunch of people went out into the world and hoarded toilet paper. That’s strange. But, look at the good that has happened since. Mankind has stepped up in a huge way. We’ve all witnessed neighbors caring for neighbors and people caring for people around the world. We’ve realized that humans on the other side of the globe are suffering just like we are. We want to order from local restaurants. We care about local business owners. We don’t want to see people lose their livelihood. We actually are a civil species. We just need to remain calm and learn how to practice civility as things start to return to a new normal.

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